Web Presence Management: Look Beyond Traditional SEO

In years past, SEO has been the major backbone for ecommerce marketing. But, in today’s evolved SEO community, ecommerce businesses need to do more than just keyword optimization and relentless link building.web presence management

Rather, the web presence management approach is what will help your site thrive online, and what will help your site to out rank your competitors as the leader in your industry, and the highest ranked company on the search engines.

SEO isn’t dead

Just because it is an integrative approach today doesn’t mean that SEO is dead. Keyword optimization, link building, and high other sources of optimization are still essential to doing well online.

But, this is not the only area of focus you are going to look at, when it comes to making your site stand out, and when it comes to making your site out rank your competitors online. So, although it isn’t the most relevant and important factor in ranking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still place a focus on SEO ranks.

Embrace social media

Social media marketing is a key part of the web presence management approach. The more visible you are on social media, the more people see your name, and the more places they can reach you, the better. Millions of people are on social media sites; for this reason, you need to be on them as well as a business owner.

The more you use the power of social media to market content, the better it is going to be for your business, and the easier it will be to help you rank higher in search engines as well.

Craft a content marketing strategy

The creation and sharing of media, aka content marketing, in order to share new products and information with customers is also a key component of your web presence management plan. How to guides, news media feeds, Q&A videos, are all great content marketing videos and content you should be sharing with your audience.

By including these types of content on your site, creating a more integrative approach, and by using education as a means of reaching your audience, you will find that your site, and your online presence, are going to be far easier for people to see, and will reach a far broader audience base than what you are currently reaching using SEO on its own.

Today, businesses have to use all tools to market their site online. Social media presence is key, as is content marketing, and creative means of reaching your audience. With this said, SEO is still relevant, and if you want to do well online, and be visible on major search engines, it is still something to be considered as you are building your online site.

With the right approach, and by using all the aspects of web presence management, not only will you receive more attention online, but a much broader audience is also going to be exposed to your site and online content your business is creating.

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