The Web Presence Optimization Strategy Guide (At A Glance)

web presence optimization strategyIn order to really get your business noticed online, you need to be using more comprehensive SEO and web marketing strategies. With the ever-evolving standards of SEO and what determines high ranking websites, it’s important to use an approach that encompasses a wide range of web marketing channels (beyond just organic SEO.)

In short, most ecommerce stores need to be investing a cohesive web presence optimization strategies. This is a more all-inclusive approach that brings everything all together so your business can get the most out of your SEO and search marketing efforts.

As pioneers in the practice of web presence optimization, the Web Presence Group recently unveiled its new Web Presence Optimization Strategy Guide. Read on to learn more about the five core elements that are outlined in greater on the official Web Presence Optimization Strategy Guide.

Use Social Media to Your Advantagesocial media

The first thing you need to do is build and optimize your presence on social media. While most SEO strategies start with your own website, it isn’t going to help if no one knows about your business. When you are popular on social media, you can build a bigger audience and have more exposure for your business and your website. This exposure will help you to grow your brand, get more traffic to your website, get feedback about your products and services, and more.

Create Quality Content Regularly

You need to have good content on your website, but it goes a lot further than just placing any old content there. There are things that you will need to ask yourself when creating/adding content. For instance, what type of audience are you hoping to attract? Are there specific concerns that you want to focus on for your customers? How often should you publish content? You really need to think about the content on your website, and how it is going to help you to grow your business.

Build New Properties/Expand Web Presence

Also focal to the Web Presence Optimization Strategy Guide from the Web Presence Group is not just building one website and then relying on one property for all of your online business. You need to branch out. For instance, you can promote your business through forums, industry-specific directories, social media, and more. You may even want to create a Web 2.0 site or optimize a Yelp profile. Blogs are also important, as well as micro-sites that people can click on which will offer specific information related to your business.

Focus on Search MarketingSEo

You need to use all angles of search marketing to your advantage. First of all, look at your Google Analytics and see how visitors are using your website (bounce rates, average time spent on the site, popular site pages, etc.). Look at the keywords that are generating both organic and paid traffic. Look at how your landing pages are performing, and where visitors are navigating to and from. Once you have this information, you can use it to make your website even better.

Put Your Web Presence Optimization Strategy to Work

Once you have done the above steps, you can take the information you have and put your web presence optimization strategy to work for you. You can create a plan that will work for your business, but remember, you need to have patience. Things aren’t likely to happen overnight. It is going to take many months for you to actually see any results, but if you stick with it, you hard work will pay off for you.

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